Lore Steinitz,

Antigonish, 19 May 2000




I took a chance today and clicked on to the family page, wondering if a report on the reunion was on yet. It certainly was, and I have just started to enjoy it. From the first I have seen, I want to add something.

Many years ago Stephan and Hilde were living in Princeton N.J. One night they had a phone call from Hans Steinitz who had just arrived in their neighborhood from Quito. His daughter Miriam was about to enter Ryder College, near Princeton. He was looking for a possible family connection for her, he wanted her to have a family close by while he was in Quito. He looked for Steinitz in the phonebook and found Stephan.

He came over with his daughter and the connection was made. Miriam sometimes came to dinner with Stephan and Hilde, and in the summer when she went home, she stored her trunk with them. Later either she or her sister married an Israeli, relative of one of Michael's friends.