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The current version of the Steinitz Family Tree File is 1.2 of February 2002

Version 0.1 by Erika Waly
Version 0.2 - 1.2 by Jan Steinitz

Special thanks to

0.1 Erika Waly, Waltham, MA, USA
0.2 Renate (Reni) Steinitz, Berlin, Germany
0.3 Yael Steinitz, Jerusalem, Israel
0.4 Ilana Steinitz, London, UK
0.5 Michael O. Steinitz, Antigonish, Canada
0.6 Peter Silton, Rye Brook, NY, USA
0.7 Stephen Falk, Wayne, PA, USA
0.8 Lore Baum Steinitz, Antigonish, Canada
0.9 Lesley Mackie Haiselden, Wellington, New Zealand
1.0 Henry Berg, San Francicso, CA, USA
1.1 Michael Hadass, Israel
1.2 Josef Kornweitz, Germany

for research, contributions and encouragement.

The Steinitz Family History on the Net was

created and maintained by Jan Steinitz,
authored with FrontPage and EditPad.
Data maintenance with Family Tree Maker for Windows 5.0

Contributions by (in order of appearance)

Renate (Reni) Steinitz, Berlin, Germany
Michael O. Steinitz, Antigonish, Canada
Michael Steinitz, Jerusalem, Israel
Katrin Steinitz, Berlin, Germany
Amnon Steinitz, Copenhagen, Denmark
Claus Treufeldt, Berlin, Germany
Gideon Steinitz, Jerusalem, Israel
Lore Steinitz, Antigonish, Canada
Miriam Gidron, Arad, Israel
Ursel (Sue) Ball, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Michael P. Steinitz, Somerville, MA, USA
Rivka & Banini Steinitz, Rehovot, Israel
Dan Steinitz, Ramot Hashavim, Israel
Steven Rönnenkamp, Berlin, Germany
Maria Steinitz, Berlin, Germany

Members of the German branch of the family gave money to cover online fees and allow for new equipment. Thanks for your support!

Claudia Steinitz
André Bassow
Moni Bassow
Annett Bassow
Katrin Steinitz
Jan Peters
Reni Steinitz

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