Michael Steinitz
Jerusalem, 17.8.98.

The first time.


When receiving the invitation for the first Steinitz family meeting we really had no idea what are we going to face. There was no book of instructions. This was indeed the first time for us to have such an event. Many of the names were unknown to us but upon arriving we immediately had the feeling that these are not foreigners. The meeting lasted for two days in which no moment was dull.

In the meeting the exciting experience for us was that we could so easily and quickly feel at home with everyone. I explain it simply by the fact that all of us share a basic common denominator the source and origin of I cannot guess.

In addition, we were emotionally and intellectually stimulated when facing the "living" stories of the different branches of our family during the last nearly seventy years, and specially those of the families in the former East Germany.

I think that it was astonishing that there was no need for any special preparation of formal speeches or talks and that the never-boring conversations always developed smoothly. Still, the wonderful work that Reni and Jan put in the organization cannot be ignored.

For us, Nitza and myself these were indeed most exciting days.