Lore Steinitz,

Antigonish, 02 Feb 1999




I finally, spurred on by Jan spent real time with the family tree, history of the Berlin meeting etc. I am almost stunned by all the material and especially impressed by the writing of Katrin.

To be a Jew has brought us into conflict with the society we live in and the ideals we find to guide us. Katrin wrote so well about this. Going back into my own family history (die Angeheiraten) from my mothers side I offer you this example.

My Great grandfather had 10 children and living in Essingen and Landau, der Pfalz, some married spouses from Elsass Larraine. During the first world war they were on opposite sides of the conflict. After the war Landau was occupied by French soldiers. They were strictly forbidden to fraternice with the local population. When a french soldier appeared at the door, it meant trouble. As had happened once to my greatgrandfather and my grandmother when they were expelled from their apartment as the occupation needed it. Some time later a french soldier appeared at the door after dark and when my frightened grandmother asked him what he wanted he said "I want to see my grandfather".

I am going to think about sending documents, copies of course, but it will have to wait till Michael has some time.

By the way we were talking about the next family meeting planned for Israel. Have you looked at the date in regard to Pessach? It's fine for the Israelis who will have free time, but it's also the time of more costly airfares and a shortage of hotel rooms.