Ilse Berg (daughter of Kate Traumann-Steinitz)
30 May 2006

Alles Gute fuers Familientreffen, Herzliche Gruesse aus der Ferne! Eure Ilse Berg, Alhambra, California, USA.


Jackie & Dominic Steinitz, London 
05 June 06

Hello Reni, Jan, and Danni
We are back in England now but we all wanted to write to thank you very much again for organising such a fantastic event. It was brilliantly organised and it was such a great pleasure to meet everyone. Dom was very happy to discover that he is probably related to you from seven generations back !!! Jossi is kindly going to send us some information so I hope that we can check for sure! Dom was very pleased that he might be related to the mathematical Ernst Steinitz as Dom is a keen mathematician himself. 
Thank you also for your wonderful book which I read from cover to cover on the plane coming home - I couldn't put it down. It was fascinating to learn so much about history and about the family. It is very well written indeed - informative, sad and funny too with lots of colour about each of the family members - it is so much more than just a list of names and dates. We liked the thought of Ernst pacing in a circle round the room while developing his mathematical theories! 
I now feel very inspired to conduct some research here as I would be interested to know more about how this branch of the family (Ernst, Lotte and and their son Martin Steinitz) found its way to England in 1939 and what happened when they got here. Dom's aunt Susana (Martin's sister) is still alive and living in London - she is aged 83 and a bit forgetful but she may give us some clues though she herself was stuck in Berlin throughout the war.
There is also a good family friend here also who was in Dom's father's class at the French school in Berlin and who escaped here with his family at the same time as the Steinitz' so I think that we should be able to get some information from him too.
So thank you very much again - and we hope that all is going very well for you for the last 2-3 days of the convention.
With best wishes to you all
Jackie, Dom, Anna, Jenny and Fiona


Lucy Steinitz, Windhoek
6 June 2006

Love to all from the Steinitz family meeting in Berlin where Lore and her "entourage" of fans and well-wishers have been very much on our minds and in our hearts. You will all get an update soon, I am sure. 
Berlin has become a wonderful city -- full of memories and emotions (of course) but also lots of fun. But best of all, is the fact that we are a group of over 50 Steinitzens and so far, I haven't met any that I do not like! What a great family; I feel so honored that we have been accepted, as well!



Gideon & Shlomit Steinitz, Jerusalem
June 2006

Dear Jan and Danni,
We are back at home and telling everyone what a nice and interesting meeting we had. 
We would like to use this opportunity to thank you again for everything - the organization and the content. It will probably have reverberations in due time.
Keep well and best regards to those who helped and were around you,
Shlomit and Gidi


Lore Steinitz, Antigonish
10 June 2006

family ties
More than 30 years ago Stephan received a phone call from Hans Steinitz, not related. He had just come to bring his daughter to Rider college (from Quito in Ecuador) and was looking for some family conection. He found it, daughter spend time with Stephan and Hilde, stored her stuff with them while she went on vacation. And now Elsita, Lucy's daughter visited the family in Quito.


Banini & Rivka Steinitz, Rehovot
10 June 2006

Dear Reni,
I hope that you are already feeling better than on the day we saw you last. We just arrived a few hours ago, and I use this moment to send you a few words. Thank you and thanks to all other family members that have done to give us this wonderful meeting and time in Berlin! I remember you thought that the meeting would apparently be with not enough contents, but I am sure that you yourself now also recognize that these worries were with no real basis but just natural feelings of a person in charge of a meeting. I hope you enjoyed it as we did, and I hope to see you again somewhere, in this or the other frame. 
I remember your request to get the text of Rivka and me on "Open circles", you will soon receive it.
I will send a few words to the other meeting organizers, both your sons, but I would like to ask you to forward our warm greetings to all the other branches in Berlin.
Have a full and fast recovery form the flu, enjoy a relaxing weekend,
Banini & Rivka

Dear Jan,
We just arrived a few hours ago in Israel, and I use this moment to send you a few words. Thank you and thanks to all other family members that have done to give us this wonderful meeting and time in Berlin! We did not go to Breslau, but I am pretty sure those who went enjoyed it, and you will hear some feedback in this spirit too. The Berlin part of the reunion was wonderful and we returned home with plenty experiences and memories we will carry with us and enjoy remembering in the future years to come. Finally, now you can relax and enjoy the weekend, you deserve it. Thank you for all what you have done for us, whether in the program in big or in the small details. I hope you enjoyed being with the wider family circles as well, and I hope to see you again somewhere, in this or the other frame. Last but not least, through you also many thanks to Robert as well.
All the best,
Banini & Rivka


Lucy Steinitz & Bernd Kiekebusch, Windhoek
June 2006

Dear Family - (oh, that has a nice ring to it!)
Welcome back home to all of you who have been travelling; we hope you found only good news upon your return. And thanks again to each and every one of you for the warm welcome and new friendships you gave us in Berlin, as part of the extended STEINITZ family. We hope that the Breslau trip went well and we want to wish Reni a refuah-shelema --a speedy and complete recovery -- plus kind greetings to all. Special words of gratitude to all of the Berlin-Steinitzens, once again, for their local hospitality and superb organization.
We want to reiterate our warm welcome to anyone who wants to visit Namibia. Local travel arrangements can be made through us and/or through our friends Brian and Marie Harlech-Jones (at no additional cost to you, the traveler) at This is a great website, but we can guarantee that your real-life experiences in Namibia will be even better. In addition, we shall be glad to organize a family reunion in 2008 or beyond (assuming we are still in-country, as we now expect to be) -- but don't wait to visit until then, especially since we hear the reunion may end up being planned for Israel instead (which is also a wonderful choice). 
Below you have an example of our periodic diary entries that we send out -- this last one dedicated to the reunion. If any of you want to "get on our mailing list," feel free to let us know. We send out mailings every few weeks (in English) -- sometimes about HIV & AIDS issues, sometimes around wildlife experiences, and sometimes about the family. 
Lehitraot -- see you again -- and shalom to all,
Lucy and Bernd


Ilana Richardson & Crispin Ellison, London
11 June 2006

Dear Reni, Jan, Danni and Robert
We are both now back together in London and wanted to write to say how very much we enjoyed the family reunion that you so brilliantly organised in Berlin. It was particularly lovely to spend time with the family and to meet far flung members and "candidates". Its wonderful to actually like one's family and make them your friends. And for both of us Berlin was a great discovery. What a wonderful city!
We really really appreicate the work you have all put into this. The organisation, hospitality, transport, food - everything. 
Hoping to see you next Chez Nous.

Ilana & Crispin